English M!nd - Correspondence and Telephoning

Business correspondence and telephoning in English in the today’s international world

The English M!nd Correspondence and Telephoning is the fastest way to improve your English proficiency. This course combines highly concentrated instruction and accelerated learning techniques with a curriculum targeted specially to your individual needs.

If you need to activate your English and finally want to learn to speak (!) fluently, but you have little time, this intensive seminar will quickly improve your English in following key business areas:

This seminar will enable you to become a more confident and accomplished communicator who can manage writing and telephoning tasks in English in a more successful and professional way.

Correspondence: Contents

E-mails - some simple rules – What makes a good e-mail?

Correspondence Fauxpas

Out-of-office e-mail messages – leaving a positive and useful message

Managing correspondence efficiently

Business E-mail subject field Dos and Don’ts

Email etiquette tips

False friends

The language of text messages

Graphic characters/ punctuation – embarrassing misunderstandings

Formal and informal style

Telephoning: Contents

Telephoning – key vocabulary

Telephone etiquette

Making and receiving calls

Taking and leaving messages

Making and confirming appointments

Requesting information

Voicemail greetings

Difficulties: learning to focus on what you understand

Overcoming fear and developing self-confidence on the phone

Leaning to leave a positive impression


Accelerated Learning

Simulated business meetings

Presentation skills



Business writing

Relevant business readings

Oral communications


English language level:

If you can understand the above text, your English should be fine for this training. However, if you are not sure or have any questions, please contact us.


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