Study smarter, not harder

The English M!nd Study smarter, not harder is the fastest way to improve your English proficiency. This course combines highly concentrated instruction and accelerated learning techniques with a curriculum targeted specially to your individual needs.

If you need to activate your English and finally want to learn to speak (!) fluently, but you have little time, this intensive seminar will quickly improve your English in following key business areas:

Understanding the basics and how it can change your learning results

• Identifying and changing your limiting beliefs

• The two sided brain – are you left-brained or right-brained? – bringing your recessive side into play

• Different brain wave patterns – how to manage studying more efficiently

• Three types of learners – visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. Differences, identifying your type.

Preparation – the most vital part of learning

• Preparing your learning environment

• Relaxing to control stress and possible anxiety - reappraising anxiety as excitement.

• The four stages of competence

• Sharpening your focus

• Activating your brain

• Defining goals (SMART formula) and objectives

• Importance of breathing well

• Positive self-image

• Role of music - harmonizing the body’s brain wave pattern


• Embedding material in your long-term memory

• Recency and primacy effects – important facts about the beginning and the end of a study session

• Similarity effect – grouping words to recall more

• Association effect – uses of the linking system - enhancing memory making associations

• The loci system - the memory palace

• Weirdness effect – increasing the limits of your memory

• Repetition effect

Time management for efficient learning

• Procrastination is a thief of time

• Setting priorities

• Making schedules – using to-do lists

Reading efficiently by reading intelligently

• Ideas for getting the most from your reading

Study Tools

• Making notes – developing the habit of writing

• Using your voice

• Flashcards and mind maps

Tests and examinations

• Dealing with anxiety

• Tips for success

Find the seminar in German here: Intelligenter lernen


English language level:

If you can understand the above text, your English should be fine for this training. However, if you are not sure or have any questions, please contact us.


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