English M!nd Intercultural Awareness Training

In our today’s international world, most of us need at least some intercultural awareness every day. Companies often employ foreign workers as their operations go global and they take advantage of new markets in other countries. This makes cultural sensitivity in business more important than ever. An ignorance of a country's cultural norms can offend important clients or often leads to a reduction of product or service sales. Increasing your company’s international market share depends on your employees’ ability to work and react accordingly to the numerous cultural differences that affect your business.

Who should attend?

English M!nd Intercultural Awareness Seminar is specifically designed for:

• Organisations whose workforce is becoming increasingly multicultural

• Employees planning to relocate to new countries and cultures

• Everybody who is involved in multinational projects and programmes

• Organisations that are expanding operations beyond national borders

• Managers who work with or lead global and virtual teams

• All who want to enhance cultural sensitivity and competence

• Business people who work in an international environment

• Management and staff working across cultures

• Employees communicating increasingly with colleagues in other countries either face-to-face or virtually

Training content

• What is cultural awareness?

• Communication styles

• Language issues

• Avoiding conflict and reducing risks

• Cross-cultural management skills

• Building rapport and good relations

• Effective international presentations during meetings

• Developing cultural awareness


English language level:

If you can understand the above text, your English should be fine for this training. However, if you are not sure or have any questions, please contact us.


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